Strategic Vision

Excellent education opens young minds by teaching the discipline of careful thought, the creativity of imagination and the habit of excellence. The school's strength has been predicated on careful planning, a robust imagination about its future, and living by its Mission as it prepares students for a world its founders could never have imagined.

With this history in mind, we proudly announce a new Strategic Vision for Columbus Academy, adopted by the Board of Trustees in June 2016 – one that imagines the future with student learning at the center of all aspects of school work. Intentionally, the ideas are big and words are few. Carrying out the Strategic Vision will be the work of the school for years to come as we determine the best ways to infuse innovation, service, creativity and stewardship in students’ daily lives while the school seeks partnerships in research and collaborative work to prepare them for our pluralistic world.

We invite you to soak in the images and concepts in our Strategic Vision and imagine an Academy education combining the best of our past with the boundless possibilities of our future!
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