Columbus Academy's more than 4,000 alumni are a vital and cohesive part of this school's past and present. What unites our alumni are their shared experiences, lasting memories and friendships that have endured through time.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is:

  1. To support the mission of Columbus Academy and the institution itself through perspective and contribution.
  2. To promote the mission of Columbus Academy and the institution itself within the Columbus Academy alumni ranks and the community at large.
  3. To create affinity between Columbus Academy and each member of the Columbus Academy alumni base.
  4. To create affinity and camaraderie amongst the alumni base of Columbus Academy.
  5. To assist Columbus Academy in obtaining monetary contribution to the school from the Columbus Academy alumni base.

2017-18 Alumni Board Members

Lauren Hilsheimer '02, President
Brian Shepard '96, Past President
Michael Crawley '81
Jim Feibel '51
W.D. Ferriel '98
Vanessa Foreman '02
Adam Hill '89
Ryan Hughe '92
David Inglis '61
Katie Ricart Lichtfuss '07
Bill Moler '55
Liz Mote '03
Kara Anderson Pickler '02
Zac Sugarman '05
Craig Tann '92
Sheila Dioun Trautner '98
Lynanne Wolf Gutierrez '05

Student Alumni Representatives

Isabelle Bettinger '18
Maddie DeAscentis '18
Max Dreisbach '18
Davis Friedman '18
Carly Shocket '18

Alumni Board Staff Liaisons

Erich Hunker '81, Assistant Head of School
Jennifer Conti, Director of Alumni Relations