COVID-19 Information

A special page has been created that consolidates the messages to our community as well as resources for families.

COVID-19 Information Page
Campus Reopening Plan (view in Firefox browser, if possible)
Community Expectations During a Pandemic
Academy Community Fund

SchoolPass for Daily Health Screenings

An app is now available for families to complete daily health checks before coming to campus.

SchoolPass Login
Instructions for Using SchoolPass
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About SchoolPass


Columbus Academy is transitioning its parent portal from My BackPack to Blackbaud's mySchoolApp for the 2020-21 school year. Parents and guardians will use mySchoolApp to access directory information, attendance, academic records, schedules and much more. To ease the transition, our technology team will maintain access to some components of the current My BackPack portal through October. This will include access to the directory and grade card information from the 2019-20 school year. Parents and guardians can now set up their mySchoolApp accounts by going to the “Forgot login or First time logging in?link.

MySchoolApp Login
MySchoolApp Instructions

Schoolwide Resources

School Calendar
2020-21 Letter Day Schedule
2020-21 Key Calendar Dates
2021-22 Key Calendar Dates
Lunch Menu
Catering Guide
Faculty & Staff Directory
FinalForms Health Portal
Campus Map
Dress Code
Parents' Association Website
Viking Corner Store
Service Board
Lands' End
Athletic Facility Event Request Form
Facilities/Maintenance Request
Absence Request Form
Off-Campus Programs/Trips Forms
Emergency Guide for Families

Health Resources

COVID Vaccine Update
COVID Vaccine Availability for Students Over 16
Resources for Talking about Mental Health & Suicide
Community Expectations During a Pandemic
Student Illness Communication Flowchart
Employee Illness Communication Flowchart
Health Forms Info & School Safety Policies
Helping Our Kids Go Back to School Well
How to Help Your Child Wear a Mask
FinalForms Health Portal
Athletic & Medical Form Instructions
3YO-PreK Health History Form
Immunization Letter for Kindergarten
Immunization Letter for Grade 7
Immunization Letter for Grade 12
Authorization for Prescribed Medications
Student Support Services
Mental Health Resources
Lice Treatment & Prevention 

Schoolwide Communications

Viking Voice: June Preview 6/2/21
Viking Voice: May Preview 5/3/21
Band Concert on May 2nd 4/27/21
HOS Message: Arrival of Spring 4/3/21
Viking Voice: April Preview 4/2/21
HOS Message: An Inauspicious Anniversary 3/10/21
Viking Voice: March Preview 3/1/21
Second Round of Vaccines & Faculty Collaboration Day 2/21/21
Parent-Teacher Conference Registration Instructions 2/12/21
Summer Experience Brochure 2/8/21
Viking Voice: February Preview 2/1/21
COVID Vaccines for our Faculty and Staff 1/29/21
Weekend Events: MS Play & COVID Testing 1/26/21
Nominations to Academy's Board of Trustees 1/25/21
COVID Communication Update 1/7/21
Viking Voice: January Preview 1/4/21
Anti-Racism Resources 12/27/20
Coming Soon: Summer Experience 2021 12/26/20
HOS Message: Looking Towards the New Year 12/14/20
Viking Voice: December Preview 12/1/20
HOS Message: "Branches Spike into the Blue Sky" 11/18/20
HOS Message: MS & US Returning to Hybrid Model 11/13/20
HOS Message: Veterans Day 11/10/20
Viking Voice: November Preview 11/1/20
HOS Message: Update on COVID Conditions 10/26/20
HOS Message: United Against Racism 10/23/20
Registering for Parent-Teacher Conferences on November 4-6 10/21/20
2020 Kids 4 Kids Food Drive 10/14/20
Viking Voice: October Preview 10/1/20
HOS Message: MS & US Increasing to 100% on October 9th 9/28/20
Online Form for Daily Health Screenings Coming Soon 9/23/20
Hispanic Heritage Month Events 9/22/20
Ordering Instructions for School Photos 9/18/20
Upcoming Flu Clinics for Academy Families 9/12/20
HOS Message: Update on In-Person Learning 9/8/20
HOS Message: Reminder of Community Expectations 9/4/20
Viking Voice: September Preview 9/1/20
Ads in PACA Sports & Arts Programs 8/18/20
After-School Survey for 3YO-Grade 8 Families 8/17/20
HOS Message: Plans for Opening of 2020-21 School Year 8/12/20
Health Forms & Safety Policies from School Nurses 8/8/20
Update on Anti-Racism Efforts at Academy 8/6/20
Viking Voice: August Preview 8/1/20
HOS Message: Update on Opening of School 7/24/20
Bus Transportation Issues & Parental Rights 6/30/20
HOS Message: Plans for a Fall Return 6/27/20
Important Message from Head of School 6/17/20

Upper School Resources

Commencement Update 6/4/21
Upper School Prom & Year-End Schedule 5/16/21
Commencement on June 7th 5/2/21
AP Exams Schedule 4/30/21
COVID Vaccines Available for Students 16 and Older 4/19/21
Speakers on Mental Health Challenges 4/12/21
COVID Vaccine Update 4/8/21
COVID Vaccine Availability for Students Over 16 4/7/21
Initial Course Requests for 2021-22 3/8/21
Important Upper School Updates 3/3/21
Reminder about Upper and Middle School Attendance Survey 2/16/21
Upper & Middle Schools Returning to 100% on February 19th 2/10/21
Upper School Schedule for February 8-12 2/5/21
Parent Coffee on Senior Projects 2/4/21
Graduation Requirements for Seniors 1/26/21
Upper School Mid-January Updates 1/15/21
Upper School Schedule for January 4-15 1/1/21
Upper School Exam Schedule 11/30/20
Upper School Lunches & Schedule 11/22/20
Upper School Hybrid Schedule for Nov. 16-20 11/14/20
Reminder from Head of Upper School 11/8/20
Update from Head of Upper School 11/2/20
Upper School Q1 Grades & Grade-Level Meetings 10/19/20
PSAT Day for Sophomores & Juniors 10/13/20
Upcoming Schedule & Back-to-School Night for Upper School 9/30/20
Upper School Photo Schedule 9/20/20
Upper School Open House 9/15/20
Upper School 50% Hybrid Schedule 9/10/20
Upper School Reopening Plan 8/12/20
Back-to-School Update from US Head Cory Izokaitis 7/27/20
Upper School Bookstore Ordering Instructions
Upper School Online Bookstore
Upper School Course Description Guide
Upper School Student Handbook
Graduation Dress Exchange Program
Columbus Academy Internship Program
iPad Loan Agreement
Student Support Services

Middle School Resources

Rising Eighth Grade Elective Choices 6/9/21
Rising Seventh Grade Elective Choices 6/9/21
Middle School End-of-Year Letter 6/8/21
Eighth Grade Closing Will Be Outside 6/3/21
Eighth Grade Closing Ceremony Update 6/2/21
Middle School's Last Two Weeks 5/24/21
Middle School Awards Assembly 5/19/21
Middle School Year-End Schedule 5/7/21
Rising 8th Grade Parent Meeting Recording 5/6/21
Eighth Grade Closing Ceremony 5/4/21
Final Course Requests for Rising 9th-Graders 4/27/21
Rising 8th Grade Parent Meeting 4/26/21
Rising 7th Grade Parent Meeting Recording 4/25/21
Middle School Update 4/23/21
Rising 7th Grade Parent Evening 4/19/21
Middle School Spring Update 4/9/21
Transition to Upper School Video 4/7/21
Upper School Presentation to Grade 8 Parents/Guardians 3/17/21
Important Middle School Updates 3/3/21
Reminder about Middle and Upper School Attendance Survey 2/16/21
Middle & Upper Schools Returning to 100% on February 19th 2/10/21
Middle School Schedule for February 8-12 2/5/21
Middle School Mid-January Updates 1/15/21
Middle School Schedule for January 4-15 1/1/21
Best Wishes for this Winter Break 12/18/20
Exam Prep for Students in Grades 7-8 12/12/20
Middle School Lunches & Grade 6 Schedule Change 12/5/20
Middle School Updates 11/29/20
Middle School Lunches & Schedule 11/22/20
Middle School Hybrid Schedule for Nov. 16-20 11/14/20
Middle School Quarter 1 Grades 10/25/20
Middle School Theatre Announcement 10/20/20
Middle School Grade-Level Meetings 10/18/20
Middle School Notes & Resources 10/11/20
Back-to-School Night for Grades 6-8 10/4/20
Upcoming Schedule for Middle School 9/30/20
New Middle School Counseling Intern 9/27/20
Middle School Photo Schedule 9/20/20
Middle School Open House 9/15/20
Middle School 50% Hybrid Schedule 9/10/20
Middle School Notes of Labor Day Weekend 9/6/20
Middle School Reopening Plan 8/12/20
Middle School Supply Lists for 2020-21
Back-to-School Update from MS Head Shaka Arnold 7/27/20
Middle School Curriculum Guide
Middle School Student Handbook
iPad Loan Agreement
Student Support Services

Lower School Resources

Lower School Progress Reports, Summer Reading & Supply Lists 6/19/21
Lower School End-of-Year Letter 6/2/21
Fifth Grade Closing Ceremony Update 5/27/21
Summer Math and Reading Fun 5/24/21
Fifth Grade Closing Ceremony 5/19/21
Lower School Early May Update 5/7/21
ERB Tests for Grades 3-5 5/6/21
Lower School End-of-April Update 4/30/21
Rising 6th Grade Recording & Language Form 4/25/21
Upcoming Lower School Events 4/22/21
Rising 6th Grade Parent Evening Reminder 4/19/21
Rising 6th Grade Parent Evening 4/13/21
Lower School Quarter 3 Reports 4/13/21
Upcoming Lower School Events 4/9/21
Fifth Grade Closing Celebration 3/19/21
Mid-March Updates from Lower School 3/16/21
Early March Updates from Lower School 3/5/21
Late-February Updates from Lower School 2/22/21
Lower School Snow Days 2/17/21
Mid-February Updates from Lower School 2/12/21
End-of-January Updates from Lower School 1/29/21
Late-January Updates from Lower School 1/22/21
Early January Updates from Lower School 1/8/21
Lower School Winter Closing Program 12/16/20
Early December Updates from Lower School 12/4/20
Thanksgiving Updates from Lower School 11/20/20
Early November Updates from Lower School 11/6/20
Late-October Updates from Lower School 10/27/20
Mid-October Updates from Lower School 10/10/20
Lower School Strings to Start on October 12th 10/5/20
Updates from LS Head Mark Hansen 10/3/20
Updates from LS Head Mark Hansen 9/20/20
End of Second Week Update from LS Head Mark Hansen 9/5/20
Opening Week Recap from LS Head Mark Hansen 8/29/20
Back-to-School Details from LS Head Mark Hansen 8/21/20
Lower School Reopening Plan 8/12/20
Back-to-School Update from LS Head Mark Hansen 7/27/20
Lower School Viking Code
Lower School Curriculum Guide
Student Support Services

Athletic Resources

Athletics Web Page
Athletic & Medical Form Instructions
Sports Schedules
Athletic Facility Event Request Form
Ohio Concussion Law
Coaching Certification


Academy Magazine Fall 2020
United Against Racism
Columbus Academy Advantage
The Academy Life (student journalism class)
Alumni Newsletters
Academy Magazine Spring 2020
Academy Magazine Summer 2019
Academy Magazine Fall 2018
Academy Magazine Spring 2018
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