Upper School Athletics

The purpose of the upper school interscholastic athletic program at Columbus Academy is threefold:

  • To provide those students with an interest in athletics the opportunity to use and develop their athletic talent while participating in competitive contests under the direction of qualified and dedicated coaches. Additionally, we strive to continue to develop the ideas and habits of good health, fair play, initiative, achievement and emotional control.
  • To provide for our students leadership opportunities and cooperative learning experiences which contribute to team building.
  • To provide for our student body a solid foundation for the development of good school morals, for being sportsmanlike, and for exercising the qualities of fair play and courtesy.

Middle School Athletics

The purpose of the middle school interscholastic athletic program is designed to meet the developmental needs of all student-athlete participants by developing skills, promoting sportsmanship and teamwork, and fostering a love of sports.

Participation is the cornerstone of middle school athletics. The school recognizes that the goal is to provide the student-athlete as much playing time as possible. Various factors are taken into account that may effect playing time; most important of these factors are the student's commitment, attitude and effort. The school recognizes that it is not always possible for every child to play in every game; however, participation during the course of the season is the goal.

Youth Sports

The purpose of our Junior Vikings youth sports program at Columbus Academy is to positively develop our students ranging from grades 2-6 (depending on the sport). Participation, character development, and fun are all key factors in our youth sports offerings. Providing opportunities for growth through sport and a welcoming environment where children feel they are learning how to be involved in their community is important in creating an exceptional experience for our students. 

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Athletic Performance

Columbus Academy's athletic performance and training is led by Shelby Reichle, strength and conditioning coach, for grades 7-12 and all middle school, junior varsity and varsity level sports teams.

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Meet Our Athletics Staff


All open coaching positions can be seen here and those interested should contact Jason Singleton.


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