Adriana Matzke began serving as the director of enrollment management at Columbus Academy in June 2024. Prior to Academy, Adriana spent nearly 20 years at The Blake School in Minneapolis where she led and managed financial assistance for PreK-12, as well as the middle and upper school admissions process. She also previously served over two years as the director of outreach and engagement for the Midwest Region at World Savvy, a national nonprofit that is a leading provider of educator and school leader coaching, to support global competence education. Adriana obtained a B.A. in business management from Augsburg University and an A.A. in accounting from North Hennepin Community College. Adriana is married to Kelly Matzke and they have two sons, Tyler Kossila and William Matzke, who are both graduates of The Blake School. 

Adriana's favorite thing about Columbus Academy
"The people!"

Favorite sports teams
"As a lifelong hockey fan, my favorite local team is the Columbus Blue Jackets, although my heart belongs to the Minnesota Wild and the Minnesota Vikings."

Little-known fact about Adriana
"I have visited 22 of the 30 MLB stadiums, and some of them more than once!"

  • B.A. Augsburg University , Business Management
  • A.A. North Hennepin Community College , Accounting