Beethoven called the study of music a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Our students call it their favorite time of day. In our school, your child doesn’t have to be a virtuoso to enjoy the study of music. Music education enhances skills in other academic areas and its daily practice develops self-discipline, time management, physical coordination and emotional intelligence.

Uplifting children to that wonderful place called music

For our littlest students, music education starts in PreK with singing and basic clapping rhythms. Since music has often been linked to language development and other skills, it is important for children to appreciate music as early in life as possible. Not only that, it’s fun! Our Lower School students love working in harmony — singing in a group and learning lyrics and rhymes. And, they get their first taste of performing in the Lower School choir. From grades two to five, they can also join the Lower School Orchestra, where students are divided into levels based on their years of experience and playing abilities.

Music in the middle

In Middle School, music study becomes more advanced. Students select an instrument and join orchestra, band or chorus. In soundproof practice rooms, they develop good musicianship through scales, rhythm studies and stylistic interpretation. Music also has physical benefits as students learn key signatures, meters, fingerings, posture, breath support, embouchure and articulation. Attending concerts, music-related field trips and competitions enriches their musical experience.

Upper School and all that jazz

Monk or Miles Davis? In Upper School, students can break away from their formal music training and experiment in Jazz Band. They perform in a number of settings including All That Jazz, a Fall concert, and various festivals around the Columbus region.

Mozart or Mendelssohn? Upper School students also play in the concert band and Academy string orchestras (regular and advanced). The concert band cheers on our Viking games as the school pep band. The Academy Strings Orchestra has a repertoire that includes music from pop, rock and jazz genres.  Performances include solo and ensemble competition, at least three major concerts and community concerts.

Maria Callas or Mariah Carey? Upper School students have the opportunity to engage in singing every day in one of our choral groups such as Camerata or the Viking Choir. Our advanced singing classes focus on vocal theory and the development of sight-reading skills, and students meet daily to prepare for concerts and competitions.

Regardless of the level of talent or the instrument they choose, Academy students develop a love of music that remains a joyous and persistent refrain throughout their lives.

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