Days are full at Columbus Academy. Ours is an environment where curiosity, enthusiasm and energy spill out of the classrooms and libraries, along hallways and out into a 231-acre learning environment designed for playing, exploring and discovering. 

In 2020, we opened a new fieldhouse and wellness center to support our well-appointed athletics and fitness facilities. Our Vikings athletics program includes more than 60 sports teams. Guided by a student-run Service Board, the Academy community comes together throughout the year to help meet the needs of service-based organizations across Central Ohio and beyond. Parents are actively involved in the life of our school in many ways, including through the activities of PACA, our parent/guardian association. Childcare programs are provided to families in need of a supervised environment during the transition between the end of the school day and evenings at home. And over the summer months, the Columbus Academy Summer Experience offers a range of academic, arts and science, and athletics programs for children across all ages, from PreK through grade 12.