Teaching the whole child
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Hands-On Discovery in School and Beyond

If we want the children of today to continue to be learners tomorrow, we need to help them develop a sense of themselves as competent learners who can function in diverse settings. In order to accomplish this goal, the lower school curriculum exposes children to different approaches in learning, enhances their awareness of their own individual learning styles and aids them in discovering that there are many resources for information and knowledge, both within and outside of school.

Responsibility & Community

Your child learns to evaluate their own work, sets goals with their teachers and is coached on developing a sense of accountability for their own learning. The Lower School curriculum is designed to help your child explore their personal learning styles and strategies, grow their self-confidence and own their competence to learn.

We form a strong partnership with families through ongoing close communication in our work together to foster each child’s individual growth. Your child also learns to take responsibility for their choices and begins to learn what their personal role is in strengthening community  in the classroom, at Academy and out in the world.

Transferable Knowledge

The Lower School curriculum fosters your child’s ability to communicate linguistically and mathematically, orally and in writing, across all disciplines.

We provide opportunities for your child to develop a mastery of their academic subjects so that their knowledge grows into transferable skills. While your child learns to transfer their newly developed strategies of critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving, they also discover the relationships between the subjects of art, music, science, social studies, wellness and physical fitness.

Curricular Enrichment

In addition to regular classroom activities, Academy's Lower School features a weekly rotation of nine curriculum enrichment offerings: art, computers, drama, library skills, music, physical education, science, Spanish and swimming.