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Ownership of One’s Education

The collaborative teaching culture at Academy provides robust, hands-on learning experiences that balances your child’s natural tendency to explore with their teacher’s attentive guidance. Your student’s individual talents are nurtured while individual needs are supported in their pursuit of operational mastery, logic and problem solving, and critical and analytical thinking.

Our Middle School curriculum includes topics unique to the learning needs of this age group and introduces exploration of technology and world languages.

Building Independence

Our Middle School students experiment and test boundaries. At Academy, we work together to guide students in the taking of healthy risks within a safe environment. The partnership among parents, students (including their Upper School mentors) and faculty delivers experiences that support students on this journey and teaches them to find an appropriate balance of adventure and independence.

Academy provides appropriate limits on behavior, appropriate consequences for transgressions and opportunities for students to understand the connection. Your student ultimately assumes the obligations of self-monitoring and self-motivation.

Responsibility & Service

Students in our Middle School are challenged to be engaged citizens of Columbus Academy and also of local and national communities through academics, advisories and as part of service programs. They learn social responsibility, socialization, self-discipline and self-discovery, and they begin to define their role in service to their fellow students and as citizens of the world community.

Collateral Learning & Enrichment

An Academy education for your Middle School student develops the lifelong habits of organization, extended concentration, cooperation with peers, perseverance and seeking compromise. This transferable, collateral learning builds on mastery of objective content while extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics allow students to display their talents, build new relationships, develop skills and contribute to the Columbus Academy community.