Middle School

The Middle School experience at Columbus Academy promotes the love of learning through rigorous academic, artistic and athletic programs. A student who understands the intrinsic value of a multi-faceted education will develop the desire to become a lifelong learner. During this learning process, the individual talents of students are nurtured while the individual needs are supported in a collaborative atmosphere. Developmentally, Middle School students progress from concrete thinking patterns toward abstract thought. They are able to go beyond a literal meaning to greater levels of critical thinking.

The partnership among parents, students and faculty provides experiences that encourage students to develop an appropriate sense of independence. Middle School is a time for experimentation and testing of boundaries. It is our intent to provide appropriate limits on behavior, appropriate consequences for transgressions, and opportunities for students to understand the connection. The student ultimately assumes the obligations of self-monitoring and self-motivation.

Middle School students view themselves as part of a greater community through which they can develop a sense of social responsibility, self-discipline and morality. For this reason, we attempt to make participation in various academic, artistic and social groups rewarding and minimally exclusive. Students also learn to extend themselves beyond the Columbus Academy community through active participation in community service projects.

In the Middle School environment, habits such as organization, extended concentration, cooperation with peers, compromise and perseverance are fostered. As a result, the collateral learning that occurs is often more useful and transferable than objective content. By the completion of Middle School, it is our goal that students have developed a true love of learning.
    • Assistant to Middle School Head
      Nicola Jackson

      Assistant to Middle School Head

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