Doing what comes naturally

We all process information differently. Some of us learn by reading. Others by hearing the spoken word, working with our hands or looking at images. When children are forced to learn in a way that doesn’t work for them, they often feel bored and frustrated. But when learning comes naturally, they experience less stress and do better academically. They grasp concepts more quickly and retain what they learn. Most importantly, they develop a lifelong love of learning.

The first thing we do in PreK and Kindergarten is sit down with parents. We ask them how they think their child learns best. What are their hobbies and interests? What activities are they naturally drawn to? We then have two teachers in the classroom who try different activities, observe, and compare notes about what clicks with each child. This begins the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Honoring children’s styles not only helps kids learn better, it teaches them how to celebrate differences.”

– Brelle Farrenkopf, Director of Early Childhood Programs and Student Services   

What style is your school?

Schools like Columbus Academy accommodate—and embrace—different learning styles. Here’s what to look for:

Individualized attention. Good teachers know each child’s quirks and strengths. They use different approaches to see what best facilitates learning. Tell the school about your child’s interests so they can be worked into classroom projects.

Teacher tag-teams. Having two teachers per classroom ensures that your child never wants for personal attention. It also allows different learning styles to be covered all at once.  

Colorful classrooms. Small class sizes are a must. Also look for child-centric classrooms that are bright, happy and filled with kids’ projects. At Academy, classrooms and hallways showcase children’s artwork and maker-spaces provide multi-sensory activities.

Project-based learning. When children work together on a project, they share learning styles with each other. Academy children collaborate on historical re-enactments, multimedia artworks and musical performances.

Outdoor classrooms. Nature allows children to experience all the learning styles at once. They get to observe, touch, smell and listen to the world in all its variety. Academy has a unique 231-acre wooded campus that is a multi-sensory classroom, even for the little ones.  

How your child learns doesn’t matter. The important thing is that their style is recognized early, and fostered. Choose a school that has thoughtful, caring teachers, a vibrant, multi-sensory learning environment and an atmosphere that respects your child’s individuality.

Let’s talk about your child’s learning style.

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