Vanessa Taglia taught in the lower school at Columbus Academy since 2010 and began serving as the director of academic programs for lower school at the start of the 2023-24 school year. She most recently taught fifth grade from 2016-23. As a certified positive educator in positive psychology, she puts research into practice by prioritizing wellness in the classroom. Vanessa was a 2021 nominee for the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Elementary Teaching Award, served as a member of the Klingenstein Leadership Academy Columbia University Teachers College, is published for her review of Simon Sinek's work in the Klingbrief Journal for Independent School Educators, and was recently awarded the Praxis Distinction of Excellence for elementary content. Vanessa's committee work at Academy embodies her innovative canon for smart use of campus space through walking classroom lessons, for which she earned one of her four Milt Taylor Grants. A tech-healthy approach to device usage was highlighted in her past experience as director of iD tech camp at Case Western Reserve University. Prior to arriving at Academy, Vanessa taught second and fourth grade in Park Ridge, Illinois. Vanessa and her husband, Daniel, enjoy cooking and traveling together with their son, Sebastian.

Vanessa’s favorite thing about Columbus Academy
“There is space for each child’s unique interests here every day. A daily schedule built around outdoor time, flex time (academic choice time), and a curriculum that exceeds common core standards is the ideal experience for young people! Also, I am greeted by the most adorable woodland creatures many mornings when I pull up from Cherry Bottom Road. I have seen a herd of deer, coyote, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks, to name a few.”

Little-known fact
The paternal side of my family is from a small village in Italy that cannot be found on Google Maps.”

Favorite sports team
“I love the Columbus Clippers! My family and I attend as many summer games as we can.

  • M.E. Columbia University , Organization & Leadership: Private Schools
  • M.E. DePaul University , Teaching & Learning
  • B.S. Miami University , Business Administration