Hall of Fame Inductees

Columbus Academy’s Athletic Hall of Fame officially grew to 43 members as Phil Cannon ’82, Lindsey Williams ’01 and Scott Smith ’03 were enshrined during a ceremony in our dining hall on January 25, 2020.

Alumni Board president Craig Tann ’92 was on hand to help present the newest inductees with their hall-of-fame plaques after they were introduced and gave a reception speech. The trio was then recognized at halftime of the boys varsity basketball game while standing between Director of Athletics Jason Singleton and Head of School Melissa Soderberg.

“When I reflect on my years at Academy and how my experience impacted my life, three things stood out,” said Phil, a three-sport athlete in basketball and football as well as a stand-out performer in track & field and the first to be introduced by his former coach and teacher Bob Kirk ’67. “One, it’s imperative – critical – to have goals, aim high, dream big. Two, it’s important to be surrounded by other dreamers. And three, it’s imperative to treat victory and defeat the same.”

Lindsey, a two-sport athlete on the Academy basketball team and as an All-American in soccer, was introduced next by his former coach and teacher Kyle Tong.

“Columbus Academy played an integral part in my growth as a student and an athlete, and there are many coaches and teachers who deserve thanks from me tonight” he said before sharing a story of how legendary coach and PE instructor Jim Stahl taught him how to tell time from an analog clock in first grade. “It was moments like these that continued through Lower School and into Upper School that made my time as a lifer at CA truly special. Many coaches and teachers taught me in the same manner, and for that I’m truly lucky.”

Scott, a three-sport athlete in baseball, football and wrestling, was introduced his brother and former coach Stephen Smith ’88.

“I think Columbus Academy is a unique place that really allows and fosters young student-athletes to excel in a range of activities, sports or otherwise,” said the third wrestling state champion in the program’s history. “It’s really an honor to be recognized in a place like this.”

We again congratulate all three hall-of-famers on this distinguished honor!