“Welcome to the 107th school year at Columbus Academy,” said Head of School Melissa Soderberg at the start of Convocation on August 22, 2017.

The ceremony began with the recognition of faculty and staff members who have reached their 20th and 30th years serving Academy. For reaching his historic 50th school year at his alma mater, John Exline ’64 was surprised with family, classmates and former colleagues while the pep band played the fight song.

“I can confidently say that for the 12 years I’ve been at this school, the first week of each year has always been one of the most special weeks, filled with hope and endless possibilities for the year ahead,” said Student Council President Shreyah Mohanselvan in her welcome speech. “And as a senior, it feels even more incredible and special.”

The event ended with kindergartners walking out of the ceremony hand-in-hand with their new senior buddies. This tradition involves monthly get-togethers between the seniors and kindergartners for fun activities and bonding over shared experiences on our campus. Many of these friendships last long beyond graduation and even college, as we often receive photos of former buddies reuniting.

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