As mentioned in a new Columbus CEO magazine article, Columbus Academy has joined the effort to help healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Makerspace gurus Todd Martin and Luke Howard have put the school’s 3D printers to good use by producing face shield visors in their homes.

This effort is in partnership with IC3D, a local 3D printing and manufacturing company that supplies Academy with its locally made filament for the printers. According to Martin, over 300 visors have been created so far, and the first shipment of them will be dropped off tomorrow at IC3D, where they will be sterilized and fitted with headbands and clear shields.

Once completely assembled, the personal protective equipment (PPE) will be delivered for use at the VA Central Ohio Healthcare System, whose innovation team shepherded the design for VA hospitals nationwide.

The project is also becoming a part of Academy’s curriculum.

“Currently, Luke and I have incorporated the 3D models and printing process into our online learning lessons,” Martin stated. “We are also incorporating ‘social isolation’ design challenges, which entail students designing solutions to problems created during this pandemic. Additionally, we are pursuing opportunities to obtain the non-3D printed components of the face shield. This would give students and their families the opportunity to assemble the full face shields prior to our future deliveries to IC3D.”

Martin’s sons, Academy sixth-grader Nicholas and third-grader Jaylen, are already involved by restarting the printers whenever a print is completed and also smoothing out the edges of the visors.

There is a nationwide shortage of 3D printer filament right now, so Academy is using its supply that it had stored up for the remainder of this school year. Donations of cleaning supplies from our maintenance crew and simple medical supplies that would have been used in our science classrooms have also been made in order to join our community’s fight against this pandemic.

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We are all in this together Vikes!