Current COVID-19 Cases Affecting our Campus

  • Lower School Students: 0

  • Middle School Students: 1

  • Upper School Students: 0

  • Faculty/Staff Members: 2

  • Contracted Employees: 0

  • Athletic Coaches: 0

If you have any questions or concerns related to Covid and your family's health, please contact our school nurses by emailing Beckie Hoagland and Janet Fireman at nurse@columbusacademy.org or by calling 614-509-2234.

    Covid Response Team

    Erich Hunker, Assistant Head of School for Development and External Relations
    Beckie Hoagland, School Nurse
    Janet Fireman, School Nurse
    Perry Doran, Director of Campus Safety and Security
    Harland Young, Director of Facilities and Grounds

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