How do I donate?

Beginning October 16, non-perishable food items can be dropped off by students to the boxes located in their advisor/homeroom teacher's classroom through October 31.

Starting October 23, all donations for the clothing drive can be dropped off to the shopping carts stationed out at the Lower School and Middle/Upper School carpool circles each morning during the duration of the collection period through November 7.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteers who sort and organize donations are vital to the success of this two-week drive. Parents are invited to click on the volunteer button above to pick dates/times via SignUp Genius that they would like to help sort the many clothing, toy, bedding, toiletry and other donations we receive for the "store" set up in the athletic lobby. The first week, parents help with sorting and setting up items, and the second week they assist advisories/classrooms in choosing items for their sponsored families. This is a great way to meet new parents and be involved in a rewarding project!

Grade-level specific activities for middle school will also take place and the following dates are also available for parents to volunteer (click on the link below to learn more and sign up to help):
November 1: 6th Grade Sorting Activity
November 6-7: 7th Grade Shopping Activity

November 10: 8th Grade Childhood League Visit and Packing

How do I "Fill-A-Wish" for a sponsored family?

We endeavor to provide each member of the 30 sponsored families with one new item ranging from toys, bedding, toiletries, or other specific wishes. We call this the “Fill-A-Wish” list and it truly makes the holidays special for so many of our sponsored families! For anyone interested in helping grant these “wishes,” please click on the Fill-A-Wish button above to indicate which item(s) you would like to donate. These specific donations are anonymous and you may sign up for as many as you would like. This is a great way to have your children participate by choosing the gift, especially if they are in a classroom that is not assigned to a sponsored family. Please bring all "Fill-A-Wish" items unwrapped and labeled, with the sponsored family name and number, to the athletic lobby beginning October 23 through November 6.

What food items can I donate?

All food donations should be non-perishable items and not be stored in a glass and/or dented container. We welcome donations from a variety of foods and meals including ones for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as staple items and holiday-related suggestions. Click here to view a list of suggested items.

What clothing items can I donate?

  • YES to all fall and winter clothing (adult sizes as well)
  • YES to coats (all sizes)
  • YES to toys, books, bikes, games, puzzles, etc.
  • YES to blankets and bedding (all sizes)
  • YES to bikes and riding toys
  • YES to snow boots (all sizes)
  • NO to other shoes
  • NO spring or summer clothing
  • NO housewares 

What involvement do our students have?

From our youngest Vikings to our senior class, every grade level has a specific task in helping to ensure the 30 families we support through Kids 4 Kids receive the essential food, clothing and toiletry items they need. 

Lower-schoolers assist in several different areas including collecting donations in their homerooms, shopping for extra food items and toiletries, as well as helping to wrap gifts for children of the families we support.

Middle-schoolers are responsible for gathering all food-donation bins, helping to create a week's worth of meal boxes for their sponsored family through the "shop" setup in the Barton Room lobby, along with boxing up remaining clothes, toys and other wish-list items to recreate our "store" for additional families to select from at The Childhood League.

Upper-schoolers bring in non-perishable food items by advisory, adding to their collection by "begging for cans" during their neighborhood trick-or-treat nights in late October, before culminating their support of the project by packing boxes, wrapping gifts and loading delivery vans.

Questions? Contact PACA liaisons Kimberly Allison and Ria Forchione via their emails listed in the MySchoolApp.