Keith Scowden has been teaching fourth grade at Columbus Academy since the 2020-21 school year and will be a fourth grade associate teacher and team leader beginning August 2021, assisting all three fourth grade classes while also teaching a section of math. He also works with the Summer Experience Program. Keith previously was a substitute teacher in local public schools, including in our Lower and Middle School, and worked as a lead teacher with our after-school program, C.A.S.E. Keith holds a B.S. in middle childhood education from Kent State University. 

Keith's favorite thing about Columbus Academy
"I was immediately attracted to the supportive and encouraging community at Columbus Academy. Through my different roles over the years, this has remained true."

Favorite place to eat
Hoyo's Kitchen

Little-known fact
"I love to shop for, and collect, used records. (I found Let's Dance by Bowie for $2!)

  • B.S. Kent State University , Middle Childhood Education