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Now more than ever, Academy alumni want to stay connected. They want to support and learn from each other; help each other find that first job or next promotion; be or get that important introduction to a valuable business connection; and mentor or serve as a resource to fellow Vikings. With this in mind, a new virtual professional development series has been created: Continuing the Quest. Continuing the Quest will exclusively provide CA alumni the opportunity to leverage the Academy network, refine their skills, and sharpen their thinking as it pertains to their current or future career.

CA alumni are an impressive bunch, with deep knowledge and advanced skills in everything from quantum physics to curating art! Continuing the Quest will pair advice-seekers with expert advice-givers allowing participants the opportunity to discover something new through enlightening professional development talks with the ability to ask questions that are answered directly by fellow Viking experts.

For our first program in the series join Mike Schlonsky '84 EVP, Human Resources at Big Lots, Alex Freytag '87, Co-Founder & Partner at Profitworks, and Victoria Foreman ’07, Recruiting Lead at mix talent on Tuesday, July 28 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (EST) to learn about ‘The Right Talent.’

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Looking for a job is an unpredictable process. It may last for a couple of days or years; it may go smoothly or instead feel like a roller coaster. Everything depends on your professional skills, job market dynamics, and… pure luck! That old adage, it’s who you know, still exists. And since you’re unable to change the rising unemployment rate and influence your luck, you have to learn how to sell your professional talents -- especially during these troubling times. What shall you start with?

In our program you’ll hear advice on:

  • In today's dynamic career landscape, how do you assess what makes sense as your next step?
  • What's the right amount of time to stay at one job? Or in one career?
  • How do you build your influence in the workplace, advocate for the success of others along with your own and take risks that set you above, not apart, from the rest?
  • What questions should you ask yourself and what steps should you consider when contemplating a move in your current organization or into a new career.
  • How do you network like a pro and build more meaningful connections in the workplace that will improve results for you and for others.

So please consider spending a little extra time zooming on Tuesday, July 28, while learning how to best prepare for professional success whether that be in your current position or in a role you aspire to be in, in the future.

Attendees will be emailed a Zoom link the day before the event.