Darnell has served as Director of College Counseling at Columbus Academy since 2009, and also is an advisor on campus along with her role as Chair of the CollegeBoard Counseling and Admission Assembly Council and a Trustee of the CollegeBoard. A native of New Orleans, La., Darnell grew up spending time exploring the outdoors, meeting new people and enjoying good food. In college, Darnell wanted to pursue a career in documentary film making, as she was inspired by the stories of people’s lives. Away from work, Darnell enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, hiking, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, biking and running. Darnell and her family also love their church and on breaks volunteers at the Broad Street Food Pantry.

Darnell’s favorite thing about Columbus Academy
“I love the students and families at CA. It is a pleasure to work with them as they navigate the college process. I am also close with many of my colleagues and I happen to think that I work with three of the best people in the world: Mrs. FitzPatrick, Mrs. Young, and Mr. Wagshul!”

Favorite sports teams
“My favorite teams are always the Columbus Academy teams! In all seriousness, I love watching sports when I have connection to the participants.”

Little-known fact
“Many of you know that I love our Portuguese Water Dog, Huckle. However, as a child, I was afraid of dogs and in early adulthood I was known to say, 'I am opposed to the household pet.' My husband grew up with pets and when we were first married he told me, "his life would not be complete without a dog." I thought, “who am I to deny someone a complete life?” Now, I cannot see life any other way than with a dog.”

  • B.A. Kenyon College