Catherine Peterson started her role as a part-time second grade associate teacher at Columbus Academy at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year. She previously taught kindergarten, was a first grade associate and served as a long-term substitute for third grade in our lower school. Prior to Academy, Catherine taught first and second grade at Templeton Elementary in Indiana. She obtained a B.A. in psychology from University of Michigan and M.S. in elementary education from Indiana University. Catherine and her husband Brian have a son, Benji, and a daughter, Maddy, and the family has a dog named Finn.

Catherine's favorite thing about Columbus Academy
"The initiative by the school to provide special learning experiences for students such as, Forest Fridays, the buddy programs, innovative curriculum, extensive co-curricular classes, wellness time, etc."

Favorite sports teams
"Michigan Wolverines - especially basketball and football!"

Little-known fact about Catherine
"I lived in Australia for four months after college."

  • B.A. University of Michigan , Psychology
  • M.S. Indiana University , Elementary Education