2019-20 Tuition Rates

3-Year-Old Explorers
Mornings Only: $12,000
3 Full Days/Week: $16,200
5 Full Days/Week: $18,600

Half Day Semester 1, Full Day Semester 2: $16,100
3 Full Days/Week Semester 1, 5 Full Days/Week Semester 2: $18,500
5 Full Days/Week Both Semesters: $19,800

Lower School
Kindergarten: $23,600
Grades 1-2: $24,400
Grades 3-4: $24,700
Grade 5: $25,200

Middle School
Grade 6: $25,600
Grade 7: $25,700
Grade 8: $26,000

Upper School
Grade 9: $26,600
Grade 10: $27,500
Grade 11: $28,500
Grade 12: $28,700

Tuition to Columbus Academy includes lunch, publications and activities. Many books are provided by the school through state funding. Students will need to purchase workbooks, paperback books and some textbooks. Transportation to and from Columbus Academy is provided courtesy of many local school districts.

Financial aid

If your student is eligible for admission to Columbus Academy, but affording full tuition charges is a special challenge for your family, please consider applying for financial assistance.

Each year, approximately 22% of students in PreK through Grade 12 receive grants totaling more than $3.2 million from Academy, with the average grant just over $11,000.00.

Upon acceptance for admission, Academy awards aid based solely on financial need as determined by School and Student Service by NAIS (SSS). Upon your request, financial aid information will be sent to families of applicants beginning in mid-December.

For families applying for admission, the deadline for applying for financial aid is in early February (please ask Admissions Office for exact date). Parents of accepted students are notified of financial aid decisions in early March.

Apply for financial aid through SSS.

Malone Scholarships

Columbus Academy is one of the very select schools in the United States to have received a $2,000,000 endowment from the Malone Family Foundation to provide scholarships for top-level students with financial need.

Families, especially those with students rising to Grades 9-10, interested in receiving information about the Malone Scholars Program at Columbus Academy should contact the Admissions Office at (614) 509-2220 or


Columbus Academy offers merit scholarships to new incoming Grade 9 and 10 students who embody the abilities and values that represent the excellence of the Academy community and mission.


Students eligible for a merit scholarship are those applying for entry into Grade 9 and 10 who have completed all components of the admissions application process.


The most competitive merit scholarship candidates will be exceptional individuals possessing:

  • strong academic abilities
  • leadership potential
  • superior personal qualities
  • interest in our extracurricular offerings
  • qualities that further the mission of the school

Selection process

Based upon test scores, transcripts, recommendations and an initial review of all Grade 9 and 10 first-round applications, the Upper School Admissions Committee will select a group of merit scholarship semi-finalists from among those students whose applications will be accepted.

Semi-finalists receive notification with their acceptance letters and are invited back to campus for a round of formal interviews with the Merit Scholarship Committee, which chooses merit award winners.

Note: Merit Scholarships are not awarded based on athletic interest, involvement or excellence. The Ohio High School Athletic Association’s bylaws forbid athletic scholarships.


Merit Scholarship semifinalists receive grants of $1,000.
Finalists receive grants up to $10,000.
All grants are renewable through graduation while the recipient maintains a solid academic and social record.