Rachel Kuhn has worked as a Special Programs Coordinator at Columbus Academy since November 2014 and transitioned to a part-time role with the Special Programs Office in January 2023. The main facets of her role revolve around assisting with Summer Experience, including the annual design of an 85-page brochure, and various work in the Special Programs Office. Rachel's full-time job is with A Special Wish Foundation, Inc. as its Assistant Executive Director. Prior to Academy, Rachel worked for a printing company based out of Louisville, Ky., having previously traveled and lived throughout the U.S. with her husband, Tyler, as he played professional baseball in the Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies organizations. Rachel and Tyler have two boys, Brooks and Sutton, and a daughter, Hattie.

Rachel’s favorite thing about CA
I love getting to know the students and families of the CA community! Also, access to resources, technology and facilities is unparalleled.”

Little-known fact
“I was a collegiate gymnast at West Virginia University. Let's go Mountaineers!

Favorite place to eat
“If you haven't tried the pancake balls at Katalina's in Victorian Village, they will change your life.

  • B.A. West Virginia University