“The various paths that you will take to get from where you are now to becoming an accomplished graduate of the school is the reason all your teachers devote so much time and investment in your growth and development,” said Head of School Melissa Soderberg to students during Columbus Academy’s Convocation on August 26. “We love watching each of you becoming who you’re going to be.”

The school began its 112th year on August 22 with 1,170 students – ranging in age from 3 years old to grade 12 – from all across Central Ohio. That total includes 162 new students just beginning their Academy journeys and a class of 101 seniors who will graduate in the spring.

Two of those Class of 2023 members, Student Council co-presidents Alicia D. and Sam B., also spoke at Convocation.

“Nowhere else have I met a group of people so kind, compassionate and respectful as the people I’ve met here at Columbus Academy,” Alicia shared. “There is always someone there holding the door for the next person, someone cleaning up a mess that isn’t theirs, or someone just comforting someone when they’re not having the best day. Whether it’s a student, teacher or anyone from this community, there’s always a shoulder to rely on.”

The welcome address concluded with Sam adding: “Whether this is your tenth year here or your first, I encourage all of you to go into this year as a fresh start – a time when you can develop new bonds, try something new, learn from mistakes and become the person you want to be.”

Three faculty and staff members were honored in the middle of the ceremony for reaching significant milestones in their careers at Academy. Stacy Nockowitz, our middle school librarian, was recognized for reaching 20 years of service while chief financial officer Maggie Koerner and assistant director of admissions Lisa Spolter were both celebrated for their 30-year tenures.

The last half of the ceremony involved the much-anticipated pairing of kindergartners to their senior buddies. As each kindergartner’s name was announced, one or two seniors stepped forward to take their hand and walk out together through the center aisle on their way to the playground. Their bonding will continue with monthly activities throughout the school year.