Katie Castle has been teaching mathematics in the middle school at Columbus Academy since 2013 and previously served as department chair. She is also curriculum coordinator for middle school mathematcis, co-leader of the Middle School Math Club and is head coach of the middle school girls golf team. She was also named the Middle School Central District Math Teacher of the Year in 2018. and is an ISACS Lead Learner. Prior to joining Academy, Katie taught math and language arts in Columbus. Katie and her husband, Kevin, reside in Granville with their dog, Buford.

Katie’s favorite thing about Columbus Academy
The community – the amazing kids I get the pleasure of working with every day and the awesome colleagues who support, challenge, and work with each other to make sure this is the best place for the students.

Little-known fact
“I’m an avid basketball fan. I once worked at a chess and juggling camp (I can't play chess or juggle). I also tutor as a second job, and love both of my jobs!”

  • B.A. The Ohio State University , Middle Childhood Education
  • M.Ed. The Ohio State University