Genevieve Adkins began teaching science in the middle school at Columbus Academy in 2022 and will move into the seventh-grade role at the start of the 2023-24 school year. She has also worked with our Summer Experience Program since 2014. Prior to Academy, Genevieve taught high school science for nine years and worked in laboratory research for seven years. She has a B.S. in molecular biology from Otterbein University and a M.Ed. from Western Governor's University. Genevieve and her husband, Rob, are both super nerdy, science people who met working in a lab and are now raising their daughter, Hadley, a future tiny-nerdy scientist.

Favorite hobbies
Reading, Pilates, traveling, photography, spending time with my family and going out to eat with friends.

Little-known fact about Genevieve
"My husband and I got married in The Hemingway's Home in Key West and I named my daughter after Hemingway's first wife... but I've never actually read any Hemingway books (shhhhh)."

  • B.S. Otterbein University , Molecular Biology
  • M.Ed. Western Governor's University