Erin Harris will be the new aquatics instructor for the lower school beginning in the 2021-22 school year. She will oversee the swimming pool lessons in PE class for our lower-schoolers. Erin's love for water developed early and she spent her childhood and adolescence as a competitive swimmer. She discovered her passion for teaching at age 16 and, coupled with her B.S. in hospitality management from The Ohio State University, she went on to lead the Greater Columbus Swim School (GCSTO) for 12 years. She was also a member of the coaching staff at GCSTO during this time. Being part of both the swim school and team allowed her to prepare kids and ensure a smooth transition in moving from a learn-to-swim environment to swimming on a team. Erin currently resides with her partner, Scott, and their two cats, Buddy and Booker. She enjoys spending time with her mom, lap swimming, yoga, meditation, breathwork, reading (mostly non-fiction), music, and being outdoors.

  • B.S. The Ohio State University , Hospitality Management