Anthony Stype started his role as the technical theatre director at Columbus Academy at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year. He previously was a part-time consultant for eight years to longtime director Scott Dillon in our Schoedinger Theatre. Anthony came to Academy after working a combined 15 years in Upper Arlington City Schools between roles as a stage employee, stage supervisory and performing arts supervisor. He has also been recognized for several honors including the 2021 Upper Arlington Values, Behaviors, and Outcomes Award for Strength in Team; 2022 Marquee Award for Best Musical Production 2022 (42nd Street); 2009 Apollo FX Design Award at USITT conference. Prior to Upper Arlington, Anthony enjoyed one year as a stage hand at Goodman Theatre in Chicago and has also done freelance work theatre work for 13 years including as a technical theatre consultant, lighting, set and projection designer. Anthony holds a B.A. in theatre from The Ohio State University.

Anthony's favorite thing about Columbus Academy
"The strong community and commitment to one another."

Favorite sports team and place to eat
Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey and Space 220 at Disney World

Little-known fact about Anthony
"I took my wife's last name. I was born Charles Anthony Aleshire."

  • B.A. The Ohio State University , Theatre