Stay connected to the alumni community with the Columbus Academy alumni mobile app! The secure, web-based networking platform allows you to find and connect with former classmates, expand your professional network, and mentor our graduates by offering professional insights and helpful connections.    

Features include:

  • Alumni Directory with class list and interactive map
  • Searchable by Name, Class Year, Location, Profession, etc
  • If you are a LinkedIn user, we encourage you to sign in and/or sync with your LinkedIn profile so your professional history will be automatically added to your profile
  • Easy sign in with LinkedIn, Google or Facebook
  • “Willing to Help” feature lets graduates know you are especially glad to help

Access the network on all of your devices using your preferred platform:

  • App Store – download the Graduway Community app and select “Columbus Academy”
  • Google Play – download the CA Alumni app
  • Online – click here
  • Is the network mobile-friendly?

    Yes. The network’s online web portal is designed for optimal viewing on all devices, including desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. You can also download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

  • How do I sign in?

    Sign in easily with your existing LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook credentials, or type in your email address and create a password. If you are a LinkedIn user, we encourage you to sign in with LinkedIn so your professional history will be automatically added to your profile.

    Once signed in, you will need to authenticate yourself as an alumnus by entering one of the following pieces of identifying information:

    • Your email address
    • Or the combination of your first name, last name and class year. If your information matches the pre-populated alumni directory, you will be granted immediate access. If not, the Alumni Office will be notified to verify your information. Once approved, you will have full access to the network anytime. 
  • How do I update my alumni profile?

    Once signed in, you will be prompted to update your profile. You may choose to provide more or less details, as most fields are optional. You may update your profile content at any time. Click your account Settings (the gear icon) to control your privacy settings, notifications and social media settings. See below to learn the benefits of syncing with LinkedIn.   

  • Does the alumni network have a search feature?

    Yes. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the directory to search by any keyword(s) found in any profile. For a more refined search, click the “Filter by” icon on the right (three lines forming an upside-down triangle). You may filter by Name, Columbus Academy Class Year, Location (city, state, country), Work Experience and Education. Search results can be viewed as a list or on a map.

  • What if I don’t see my Profession or Industry in the profile dropdown menu?

    Alumni Office administrators can make changes to the dropdown menu. Please email and we will review your request.

  • Why are all of the “Willing to Help” options preselected for me?

    One of the main benefits of the alumni network is that recent graduates can feel comfortable knowing that they can reach out to fellow Academy alumni along their career path. To ensure that we build a robust mentoring feature in the network, the buttons are pre-checked. However, it takes just a few seconds to uncheck them based on your comfort level. You can check as many or as few as you like.

  • Can anyone access the alumni network?

    No. The alumni network is a secure resource just for Columbus Academy alumni and Alumni Office administrators. All users must be authenticated by the Alumni Office before they can access the network.   

  • Are all of my classmates listed in the directory?

    All alumni in the Columbus Academy alumni database appear in the network Directory. Alumni who do not wish to be included may contact the Alumni Office at and their directory listing will be removed. 

  • What information is visible in the directory?

    Every alumnus’ Name and Class Year are visible. If available, Profession and Location (city, state, country) are pre-populated in the Directory. A “Message” button appears on profiles for which an email address is available, but the email address remains hidden until the user has chosen to make it visible. You may adjust your privacy settings at any time in the Settings (gear icon) > Privacy menu. 

  • Can alumni use the alumni network for business purposes?

    The content contained in the alumni network is for use by authorized alumni users for personal purposes only, to socially interact and professionally network. The network is not intended for commercial use, solicitation or political purposes.  

  • What are the benefits of syncing with my LinkedIn account?

    When you sync with your LinkedIn account, your alumni profile will automatically be enhanced with the following information from your LinkedIn account: first and last name, photo, work experience, profile summary and hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile.

    There are two ways to sync your LinkedIn account with the alumni network:

    • If you chose to initially sign in to the alumni network with LinkedIn, your account will automatically be synced
    • Go to Settings (the gear icon) > Account and select to “Connect” your LinkedIn account. Likewise, you may disconnect your LinkedIn account at any time. 
  • I recently updated my information on my LinkedIn account. How do I update this information in my alumni profile?

    When signed in to the network, click your account Settings (the gear icon) > Connect > Re-Sync LinkedIn account.