Sue Figlik joined Columbus Academy in 2005 and is a fourth grade associate, CASE supervisor and the summer programs after-care coordinator. In addition to her current roles, Sue also serves on the ISACS accreditation committee for CASE and Special Programs, as well as the Viking Code discipline committee for lower school. Sue’s current duties follow several years in elementary education, including time spent as a second and third grade associate, Summer Program preschool coordinator, and one year as a special education assistant in the St. Charles School District in Illinois. Sue and her husband Tom have a daughter, Sayra, a theater major at The Ohio State University.

Sue’s favorite thing about Columbus Academy

“It is a supportive community of students of all ages.”

Little-known fact

I get to be a storyteller each week in my church's large group children's Sunday school program.”

Favorite sports team

Chicago Cubs. 

  • B.A. Northern Illinois University , Russian Studies