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Visual Arts

Lower School

Academy's lower school art program is multi-faceted in that a variety of approaches are used to introduce young children to art. The historical approach features an Artist of the Month. By featuring different artists throughout the year, the children become familiar with artists as people who express their ideas in different ways, dependent on the period of time they worked or the tools and materials they used. The conceptual approach emphasizes a particular concept such as contrast or symmetry. By comparing different works of art, the elements and principles of design become the focus of the lesson. The thematic approach is interdisciplinary in nature. This usually involves an area of study that is occurring in the classroom and extended to the art room. The aesthetic approach introduces the children to new tools, materials or media which motivate self-expression. The LS Art Program utilizes the first level of SPECTRA, an art curriculum designed especially for elementary grades. The activities in SPECTRA help children to think imaginatively and approach art with confidence. The lessons encourage children to talk about art with a rich vocabulary and to develop an understanding of the meaning of art and artists in our world. It should be noted that the goal of the LS Art Program is not to develop budding artists but rather to develop lovers of art.

Middle School

Students in our Middle School are actively involved in creating their own works of art. Imaginative, creative and original work is encouraged. Each student’s unique answer to artistic problems is respected. Students become increasingly more aware of the work of artists and designers of the past and present. Many studio projects have an historic or cultural basis, and attempts are made, whenever possible, to coordinate artwork with topics in other courses in an interdisciplinary approach. Students begin to analyze and respond critically to their own work and to the work of others as they progress through the Middle School.

Upper School

Upper-schoolers have an array of art options to continue the creativity they have fostered in the lower grades. Students start with the Foundations of Studio Art class, where they study the formal elements and principles of design and composition as well as selected artists and styles, then can continue with their choice of art electives including: 2-D Studio Art, Ceramics, Crafts/Textiles, Graphic Design, Photography, Sculpture and Portfolio Art.
    • Art, Upper School
      David Block

      Art, Upper School

    • Art, Upper School
      Andy Rahe '94

      Art, Upper School

    • Art, Lower School
      Lloyd Cicetti

      Art, Lower School

    • Art, Upper School
      Crystal Tursich

      Art, Upper School

    • Art, Middle School
      Pedro Mena

      Art, Middle School

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