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Lower School Choir

Columbus Academy’s Lower School starts music instruction in pre-kindergarten. From PreK though Grade 5, music classes are held for 30 minutes twice every six-day rotation. Students learn healthy singing techniques while socializing in a fun, safe environment!

Middle School Choir

Sixth-grade chorus are classes in performance and basic musicianship. Performance skills include vocal technique and stylistic interpretation. Musicianship encompasses identification of keys, scales, meters, and intervals to develop both rhythmic and melodic sight-reading ability. Performances include at least one school concert.
Seventh and eighth-grade chorus develop competence in both performance and musicianship. Performance skills include vocal technique, expansion of the singing range, and stylistic interpretation. Musicianship includes rhythmic and melodic sight-reading for up to four vocal parts. Performances include at least two school concerts.

Upper School Choir

Viking Choir is a class that emphasizes four basic areas of study: performance skills, rehearsal skills, vocal skills and musicianship. It meets three days of a six-day rotation. Performances include two major concerts, OMEA competitions, and community performances.
Camerata emphasizes the same four basic areas of study as Viking Choir but focuses more intensely than Viking Choir on music theory and the development of sight-reading skills. Students meet daily to prepare for two major concerts and OMEA solo, ensemble and large-group competitions.
    • Choral Music, Middle/Upper Schools
      Amy Brooks

      Choral Music, Middle/Upper Schools

    • Music Assistant, Middle/Upper Schools
      Jennifer Kristoff

      Music Assistant, Middle/Upper Schools

    • Music, Lower School
      Amy McLaughlin

      Music, Lower School

    • Music, Lower School
      Michelle Schroeder

      Music, Lower School

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