Lower School

If we want the children of today to continue to be learners tomorrow, we need to help them develop a sense of themselves as competent learners who can function in diverse settings. In order to accomplish this goal, the Lower School curriculum exposes children to different approaches in learning, enhances their awareness of their own individual learning styles, and aids them in discovering that there are many resources for information and knowledge, both within and outside of school.

The Lower School is committed to building conceptual understanding, and thus places great emphasis on hands-on experience as children in these early years think concretely. The goal is two-fold: that the students establish an indispensable foundation of self-confidence and sense of competence to learn, and that they develop a genuine understanding of what has been learned so that their knowledge becomes transferable. Our program is committed to the development of imaginative and conceptual learning as well as skill acquisition. It provides opportunities for students to transfer the strategies of critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving from one situation to another.

The curriculum addresses the whole child, including personal, social and emotional development. As part of taking responsibility, the students come to evaluate their own work, set goals with their teachers, and are helped to develop a sense of accountability for their own learning. They learn to take responsibility for their choices and how to strengthen the community of the classroom. While developing awareness of their own learning styles, they discover ways to adjust their personal learning strategies.

Our curriculum fosters the child’s ability to communicate linguistically and mathematically, orally and in writing, across all disciplines. Students discover that all subjects are related, even though they may appear under the “title” of art, music, science, social studies, even physical education. There is an assumption of a strong partnership between families and school through on-going close communication, working together to foster the individual growth of every child.
    • Head of Lower School
      Kay Mason

      Head of Lower School

    • Assistant to Lower School Head
      Michelle Saling

      Assistant to Lower School Head

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