College Counseling

The primary goal of college counseling is that students ultimately matriculate into a college or university that best matches the student’s interests, strengths and capabilities to continue their educational journey. Central to the mission of college counseling is educating students, parents, faculty and the greater Columbus Academy community about the college admissions process. College Counselors meet with students and parents at various times throughout their upper school years to guide them through the college admission process.
The college counseling curriculum not only prepares the students to research and identify institutions, but it also teaches students life skills. Students are asked to reflect upon who they are, where they want to go, how they plan to get there and what will they do once they are there.
Preparing to send a student off to college is an exciting, and at times, daunting prospect, and the college counseling team is here to help make that process easier for both students and parents.
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College admission representatives can click here to schedule an appointment with our high school.

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