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Are you interested in sharing your expertise with other participants? Then consider sharing your expertise and ideas by leading a session of your own during our week together!

Sessions can be:

  • Mini-course | Three one-hour sessions across different days for a "deep dive" 
  • Experiential | One 90-minute session
  • Traditional | One 45-minute session

Deadlines for proposals are April 21, 2019. Click here to submit your proposal!

Themes for all sessions will be centered around those listed below from NCTM’s book Catalyzing Change.

CatalyzingChange_banner copy.png

Essential Concepts:

  • What are critical mathematical topics in grades 6-12 curriculum and how should they be sequenced?
  • How do these topics relate to mathematical practices and processes beyond content and skills?
  • What are exemplary projects/lessons that relate to these critical topics?

Access & Equity

  • How do we support mathematics success for all students?
  • How do we empower students to build a positive math identity?

Research-Based Teaching Practices

  • What practices/norms support student agency, sense-making and connections?
  • What types of tasks, activities or assessments promote research-based practices?

Why do we do math?

  • What types of activities prepare students for college and career readiness?
  • What types of activities allow students to make sense of and critique the world?
  • What types of activities allow students to play and wonder with mathematics?