Bethany has served as the Stewardship and Campaign Coordinator at Columbus Academy since April 2015. Prior to coming to Academy, Bethany worked as a Student Fundraising and Administrative Associate in Chemistry and Biochemistry at The Ohio State University, having previously gained experience through an internship in fundraising and event management with the BalletMet. In addition, Bethany also spent time in Portland, Ore., where she served as head of camper experience at Cub World, a camping program managed by the Boys Scouts of America. Bethany is a graduate of The Ohio State University where she earned magna cum laude honors, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Public Policy and Management. Outside of work, Bethany enjoys traveling, hiking, rock climbing, reading, and spending time with her two cats Buffy and Robin.

Bethany’s favorite thing about CA

The students, faculty and staff who bring the campus to life every day.

More about Bethany

Little-known fact

I am a fifth-generation graduate of The Ohio State University, with my great-great grandfather having attended school there when the campus was merely one building! He graduated in 1898.”

Favorite places to eat

Sushi (Akai Hana), Thai (Nida's Thai on High), or Ramen (Fukuryu Ramen).

  • B.A. The Ohio State University , English