The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) writes that “Independent schools nurture intellectual curiosity, stimulate personal growth, encourage critical thinking and promote a lifelong love of learning.” Good schools are energizing and welcoming places that invite children to explore and be creative.

Informational Resources

Designing the educational path for your child–for your whole family, essentially–is both daunting and exciting. We’ve put together these resources to inform your research and answer some of the questions you may have.

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Embraces Different Learning Styles at Columbus AcademyCOL2019_Story callouts—style.png
Columbus Academy Early Childhood Program
Creative Thinking and Hands-on Learning at Columbus AcademyCOL2019_creativity-Story_0.jpg
Creating Community at Columbus Academy and BeyondCOL2019_CaringComm-Story_0.jpg
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Experiential Learning Opportunities at Columbus AcademyCOL2019_NatureNurture-Story_0.jpg

Taking the classroom outdoors

School cultures around the world make their classrooms outdoors, on a daily basis, rain or shine. Academy brings the concept to 231 acres in Columbus. Read here about Forest Fridays and the magic of nature immersion.

Understanding the impact of philanthropy

Kimbal Musk, restaurateur, philanthropist and co-founder of three initiatives with real food missions sat down with student journalists to discuss how real food can feed a community and the planet. Read the interview here.

The benefits of an independent school education

Head of School, Melissa Soderberg, reflects on the mission of Columbus Academy and the extrinsic and intrinsic benefits children receive as part of the Academy experience. Read her letter to parents here.

The result of teaching caring

Building a sense of community inside the classroom makes for stronger community bonds outside the classroom. Read here about how one third-grader makes a difference at the holidays.

When teacher passions are supported

Professional development and grant opportunities support our teachers’ deep dives into topics that will evolve the campus into a better learning environment. Read here about how professional development and grants spark powerful changes.

How integrating arts education boosts learning

When arts education becomes integrated into the whole curriculum rather than being a restricted hour, children master, and retain, more transferable skills. Read here about the "three-legged stool" approach to arts in education.

Our social media sites contain examples of the day-to-day experiences of our students and how they interact with each other on campus and out in the community.

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