We understand how important the choice of a child’s educational path is for a family.
Below are answers to “frequently asked questions” but please know that for us, the most important question is the one you would like to ask. So, please contact us at 614-509-2220 or via email at admissions@columbusacademy.org.

Q. What is the best way to find out more about applying to Academy?

Please visit our Applying to Academy page for a quick walk-through of how our application process unfolds for both you and your child.

Click here to request information about the admissions process. Families who wish to enroll more than one child should submit separate inquiries for each child. We always welcome a phone call or a personal meeting. Please call our Admissions office at 614-509-2220 or email at admissions@columbusacademy.org to set up a time.

Q. At what grade levels do most students enter your school?

Most students enter Academy at key transition points in the educational journey: Explorers Program, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 6th and 9th grades, however, openings are typically available at each grade level each year.

Q. When should we apply, and when is the best time of year to apply?

Families should embark on the admissions process in the fall of the year just prior to the academic year they are considering entering.

We begin our annual screening process in December and applications should be completed by early February for first-round decisions announced on March 1. After March 1, Academy employs a rolling admissions process and completed applications are considered for remaining spots as they are received. We understand, though, that circumstances don’t always align with the school calendar! We are here to help. Contact Academy at any point when you are considering your child’s educational plan.

Q. How are applicants evaluated?

Admissions Committees for each of our Lower (Explorers to 5th grade), Middle (6th to 8th grade) and Upper (9th to 12th grade) Schools are dedicated to carefully reviewing each candidate's test results, transcripts (Grades 2-12) and teacher recommendations to qualify candidates for admission.

Q. If I apply for tuition assistance, will this affect my child's chances for admission?

Your tuition assistance application is confidential and separate from your admissions application. Tuition assistance decisions are made after a student has been informed of their acceptance to Academy. Need-based tuition assistance is received by 23% of our students, with the average award being approximately half-tuition.

Q. What is your student/teacher ratio?

In the Lower School, the student/teacher ratio is 7:1. The average class size is 17 in the Middle School, while the Upper School average class is 14 students.

Q. How many applications do you receive for each opening?

Although it varies from one grade level to another, we generally receive two applicants for each opening.

Q. How involved are students in the extracurricular life of your school?

Almost every student chooses to be involved in the extracurricular life of Academy. The menu of available activities increases at each grade level with the most activities being offered in the Upper School. Extracurricular life celebrates student leadership, the performing arts, student publications, athletics and community service.

Q. How are parents involved in the life of the school?

Recognized as one of the best independent day schools in the nation, Columbus Academy has, since its founding in 1911, exemplified the country day school educational model, at the heart of which is the idea that the best interest of the child is served when home and school work together.

Academy parents become involved in the life of the school as members of our Parents Association and as room parents, library volunteers and athletic boosters. We are able to offer the quality program that we do with the help and support of parents, and commit ourselves to frequent communication to make sure parents know about all of the opportunities to engage with life at Academy.