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Student Life

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Student life at Columbus Academy is incredibly varied. CA's student population comes from over 50 different zip codes within a 50-mile radius of Central Ohio. These students bring myriad backgrounds and living experiences to campus on a daily basis, enriching the lives of their classmates. Ethnic, racial, religious and economic diversity not only exists but is celebrated through curricular studies and special programs such as the school's East Asia Institute. Clubs, community service opportunities and extracurricular activities allow each student to pursue special interests while discovering that we are all more alike than we are different.

A number of Columbus Academy's faculty hail from Europe, Latin America and Asia, ensuring a more global view and sensitivity at the school. Because CA offers Spanish language instruction beginning in Pre-Kindergarten and running through 12th grade, graduating students become proficient in an applicable foreign language. Middle and Upper School students may opt to take Chinese or Latin. Annual visits to and from Asia, Latin America and Europe ensure ongoing contact with other cultures as well as language reinforcement.

Columbus Academy presents its students with innumerable opportunities for leadership training. Preparing students to be leaders in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world is, in fact, a priority here. The school's student-run Service Board, for instance, exposes students to volunteer opportunities which are a pathway to community service. Because the number of students in each grade remains small, each student can — and is encouraged to — assume a leadership role in some school activity. Consequently, CA graduates leave ready to make an impact in college and beyond.

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