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A Message from the Head of School

Melissa Soderberg

Melissa Soderberg

Welcome to our website and the virtual world of Columbus Academy.

A few clicks may reveal our TeacherTalk videos or our commitment to character and ethics displayed throughout our campus, from pre-kindergarten classrooms to our junior speeches and Commencement. In each stage of their education at Columbus Academy, our students engage with a carefully crafted curriculum that invites learners at every age to both challenge and mastery.

Since its earliest days on Nelson Road in 1911 (click here for school history), the core to our experience at Columbus Academy has been the relationship between each child and his or her teacher. We have long cultivated excellent and experienced faculty and staff who are dedicated to fostering compassion and integrity while they reward effort and accomplishment among the students with whom they teach, lead and coach.

And while our history roots us in those steadfast values, we are committed to preparing students for the joyful and challenging complexities of our diverse world by shaping our community through actions of inclusion, equity and justice. We pledge to "foster compassion, respect and moral courage" as tenets in our students' lives so that they can be the best possible citizens in a pluralistic world.

Stepping into an excellent school is like breathing fresh air.

Come see our playful young students sorting math tables, 12-year-olds mastering pieces on the cello and teenagers learning to express themselves with clarity and grace. There is sanctity in the sense of community and a reverence for learning at all ages.

I invite you to come to visit our 231-acre campus and see our passion, our industry and our mission at work we can't wait to meet you!

Please click here to take a look at our Mission Statement and Standards.

What is the Columbus Academy Advantage? CLICK HERE!

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